What do I need to register to the BELONG program?

To register, all you need is IATA, Clue, True or Code ID, and complete the Registration Form.

Do I need to complete any additional registration to get the cash incentives and/or free-night stays?

If you are already registered to our BELONG program, no additional registrations are needed to participate for exclusive benefits.

How much time do I have to register my reservations in the BELONG program?

Your reservations are valid for one year. Please have in mind that only effective reservations can participate, meaning, that your clients have already enjoyed their vacation.

How can I participate to get free-night stays?

The Free Nights apply for effective reservations of four nights and more.

How can I participate to get the cash incentives?

To start earning cash incentives you need to register a minimum of five reservations of four nights or more. You can always check the Program’s Conditions for further details.

Where do I expect to receive my payment of cash incentives?

All payments of cash incentives are sent to the current address registered in the program, so it’s very important to keep all your information up to date.

If any of my clients cancel their reservation, can I still claim my incentive?

Payment of incentives or free nights rewards apply only for effective reservations, meaning, that benefits can be redeemed after your clients have checked out the hotel.

What do I need to do if I change from an agency to another?

It’s very important to keep all your information up to date. If you start working with a different agency or your current address changes, you need to login and edit your profile with the new agency or your new address details.
We strongly recommend to do this xx days in advance, so you can make sure that all your reservations can be correctly registered.
Atelier de Hoteles cannot guarantee that reservations placed out of this range period can be registered or eligible for the cash incentives or free nights program.

Who should I contact in case of additional questions, suggestions or feedback regarding the BELONG program?

You can always contact your commercial executive through the contact forms available in the Meet the Team section, or send us an email to